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Sunday, May 27, 2012

All Quiet on the Wilsons River

The Ballina Road Bridge opened in 1963 and provided a new link to South Lismore effectively bypassing the CBD. The Wilsons River was once the lifeblood of Lismore with many wharves on it's banks providing transport for goods and people.

Today it is hard to find much evidence of this once thriving industry, there are a few desultory wooden piles from the wharves that once served the Norco Dairy Co-operative factory on the western bank: now broken and choked with vines and weeds.


  1. Great post..
    I will have to get back into my family history and give you a list of things to photograph for me from that area... or even check that you haven't already covered things.

  2. It looks peaceful now but from the post card pictures it looks like this was once a very active area.

  3. Wow...an awesome bridge with history.
    Thanks for sharing.
    xo bj

  4. It certainly was a thriving spot way back then Mark, much more tranquil these days, looks like it might be a good spot for a picnic oui!

  5. The history shots are a great comparison.

  6. Wow like the old photos. Thanks for sharing.



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